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Scotch whiskey, malt high in subtle and elegant scented woodsy touch. The flavor is smoky and with high quality flowers. - No. 13 worldwide for all brands of Scotch whiskey. - No. 1 In France, the largest market for Scotch whiskey in the world. - It is sold in over 50 countries. Available: 700 CL - 200 ML - 100 CL - 5 CL Vol alcohol: 43% Office: Box of 6 two-liter 12 liter boxes, 36 boxes and boxes of miniature pachitas of 14 dozen.

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Impacto S.A.
Zona Libre de Colón, Calle 18, Edif. Kayser Bazán, Local 1 0302-00041
Zone Libre de Colón
Panamá Panamá

Detalles del distribuidor

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